Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I Don't Feel Like Sleeping.

Mia is my beautiful little ginger snap biscuit. My sweet pumpkin pie. My little baybee. (Yes, I deliberately spelt it like that.) She is currently nuzzling my laptop, probably just stealing my warmth and attempting to wage some food out of me. It's 2.38am, I don't think so Mia. Mia's favourite past times are sleeping, eating, sleeping, sleeping, being scared, whinging if she is picked up, sleeping, eating, watching the Cat T.V (My Tropical Fish Tank), hiding in various places around the flat and being determined to get into all cupboards possible including the one which leads under the floorboards. Troublesome kitty.

You may wonder why I am writing a blog at this hour but it's because I don't want to sleep. I have to be up by 9am for a hairdressers appointment. I'm going back to Brunette from Black. It's spring and I hope to be lighter for the Summer. I am also going to continue my god damn diet if it kills me. I took a break from it for a week while Bread Babies was here as we like to pretend to live in luxury and home comforts. Therefore eating elaborate meals and spending far beyond our means is a typical trait between both of us. Just like how we both want long, glossy, silky hair as it used to be - 

  Unfortunately we both decided to bleach our hair within an inch of it's like until we both had gingery/yellow hair which dried our hair out like straw.
I never really enjoyed being blonde as much as I did brunette. I felt very much like I was attracting the wrong kind of attention from men and I felt like I couldn't wear the usual slutty tight outfits that I usually like to wear as I felt even more whorish. I never felt whorish with dark brown hair, just like a sexual predator. I felt less tacky with brown hair than blonde and that's why I experimented with going darkeerrr.  Though I now can't be arsed to keep doing my roots and if I don't do them then it looks like I have greyish brown hair underneath. So back to brunette I go and I'm hoping to eventually have long brown flowing hair with some high lights. I feel like I should try to look more classy or a bit more natural. Which sounds retarded considering I'm dyeing my hair.  Either way I want to slowly try and get hair like this -                                                                                       

I'm so going to regret staying up when I hear my alarm later. Ohhhh dear.

First Blog

Hi, I'm Pamperpuss and I'm 21.

I am taking time off from my nursing course for 9 months and continuing in september. I am hoping to sort my brain out in this time so that I feel able and confident when I go back. Not that I wasn't able before, I love nursing. So currently what I've been trying to do is set myself goals which will help me get more out of life and make life easier for myself. I have a bad habit of making things difficult for myself.
I want to feel like I can be proud of what i've achieved and I've never really done that much before. Mainly because I was lazy and I don't really like competing with other people which is what I considered life at school to be. I went to an all girls school and now all it brings to mind is Mean Girls and this video Jenna Mourey made about why girls hate each other. 

Love Jenna Mourey, think she is a funny, intelligent, hot tamali. I generally agree with her and I think a lot of girls behaviour is to do with low self confidence which is a problem of mine. That's why I want to be a model, to destroy my confidence even further...

Well I would like to do some modelling but obviously not for that purpose. Even though it does make you feel shit about yourself. It's not a good idea for someone with low self confidence to go into it but as I usually do the opposite to what would be sensible. Modelling is something I'd like to do so I might as well do a half arsed effort in trying to get some work (I don't want to set my heart on things, I like to try avoid disappointment.) and if I don't get something then it doesn't matter but if I do, then it's a bonus. I just like to keep my doors open. It is something that I have enjoyed ever since I helped some of my class mates out in Sixth Form during A Levels.

I mainly helped out my friend who blogs as Bread Babies, I will post a link to her profile later. 

Here are some of the photographs she took of me for her Tribal Project.